Cruelty Free Statement  |  Sustainability Statement | Our Ingredients

LavenderLaughing Devil Designs exists because we love your skin, your home and our shared planet. We love everything about you – from your unique shape and size down to how you express yourself.  Our products started from a need to pamper our own sensitive skin, and make our homes more environmentally friendly.

Laughing Devil Designs is certified Vegan and Cruelty free by Peta.

We love your skin when it’s glowing and flawless, and we love it when you’re insanely stressed out and breaking out. We love your skin and your body, no matter what.

Our products are made with ingredients that love your skin and the environment as much as we do. That’s why we created them. We use only organic plant based whole ingredients, loaded with protein, and skin nourishing vitamins like A, B1, B2, D, C, E and Beta Carotene.

We love to use both simple, cost-effective ingredients like avocado oil and more luxurious ingredients like seabuckthorn oil. Our essentials oils, extracts and tinctures are made by hand by us, or small local farms. We believe beauty companies should care about you, and you should feel loved and not overwhelmed with unrealistic goals. We know you’re stunning, with or without our products. Our products are created to pamper yourself, because you love yourself.

Our products are all created with sensitive of skin in mind so the base of each product contains only easy to absorb plant oils and natural extracts. Each recipe is tested on us, and our friends and family before it is for sale.

We use 15th century perfume techniques, in an updated way to re-create scents that are commonly only made using fragrance oils. Our way is a lot harder, but good for you and the planet.

We believe that scents can bring back good memories. Using knowledge passed down from Shielaugh’s grandmother about extracting natural scents and colorants, we create a natural product. Each scent is inspired by our travels, surroundings and a love of cooking.

We love whatever your cooking, and we love that your decorating your expressing your taste with what you put in your home.

We buy end of bolt material, up-cycle sheets and curtains, are given remnants from friends larger sewing projects, to make our sponges. We use 100% cotton or bamboo fabrics.  We create the illustrations for our tea towels and they are printed in the USA on cotton-linen, and hand finished by us.

We also believe in compassion. Our products are 100% vegan. We are always looking to increase awareness when it comes to sustainability issues and how our actions affect the earth.  We contribute to the economic health of the community by supporting local family farmers, and small American manufacturers. Every time someone supports us, they are also supporting a bunch of other small business that are in our supply “food” chain.  Our products might not change the world, but shouldn’t we at least try?
Company Name Origins: We are often asked how the company name came about. The name Laughing Devil is derived from our names Shielaugh Divelbiss (yes, we have the same name). Laughing comes from the last part of our first names and Devil comes from the meaning of our last name, which is Devil’s Bite.  It was in Shielaugh V’s ad design class in college where this name was created by her friends, during a branding project. She has used Laughing Devil ever since.